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Grotnes Offers Automatic Solution for Fibre Drum Manufacturing

Grotnes has responded to the needs of fibre drum manufacturers with a configurable line-up of automatic fibre drum forming equipment that streamlines the production process with reduced labor requirements.

Components of the Equipment Line

Our automatic system is a group of specialized machines that work in unison to transform fibre tubes into finished drums. As the tubes progress from one machine to the next, they’re ushered along by conveyors


Right from the initial drum-forming stage, our equipment lineup includes:

  • 403 Top and Bottom Band Presses: These machines exert a precise force to affix metal bands at both ends of the drum, setting the stage for further detailing.

  • 75 Top and Bottom Groover: The groovers etch a perfect groove into the bands, preparing them for secure fastening to the drum.

  • 402 Top and Bottom Bump Presses: With precision, the bump presses clinch the bands to the fibre tube, creating a firm and durable bond.

  • 401 Disc Inserter: This press positions the bottom disc into the drum, finalizing the basic structure.

  • Transfer Automation: A system of conveyors and gantries delicately transports drums between stages.

A Closer Look at Grotnes’ Equipment

Our Band Presses are models of efficiency, with a vertical press design that accommodates various drum lengths and diameters with ease, thanks to its adjustable head and band fixtures. The pneumatic cylinder ensures the fibre tube is seated within the metal band.


The Groovers, perform the critical task of groove-forming, using a central roll with a female profile and an actuated outside roll with a male counterpart, creating a seamless groove for the drum.


Our Bump Presses’ tooling is designed for quick changeovers, allowing for a smooth transition between different drum diameters while the steel construction promises longevity.


The Disc Inserter is a holds the drum in place while the bottom disc is hydraulically inserted.


Transfer Automation is the backbone of our system, a sequence of conveyors that ensure smooth transitions and gentle handling of your drums from start to finish.

Operation Flow

  1. Tubes enter from the tube manufacturing area onto the entry conveyor.

  2. The 403 Band Presses are used to apply top and bottom heads.

  3. Automated systems then transfer the tubes the 75 Groovers for groove creation,

  4. The 402 Bump Presses follow, clinching the bands firmly to the tubes.

  5. Finally, the 401 Disc Inserter places the bottom disc, completing the process.


Throughout this sequence, our system maintains a cycle time of 400-450 parts per hour, depending on manual operations.

Simplified Changeovers

Switching between different product specifications is effortless:


  • 400 Band Presses: Swap band nests for varying diameters and adjust the head to accommodate the tube height.

  • 75 Groovers: Require no adjustments, standing ready for continuous operation.

  • 402 Bump Presses: A simple tool replacement tailors the press for different tube diameters.

  • 401 Disc Inserter: Change the clamp dies and pusher plate to fit various tube sizes.

Tailored Solutions by Grotnes

At Grotnes, we understand each manufacturer’s needs are as distinct as the products they create. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you to the right mechanized solution that aligns with your specific requirements, including our innovative line of fibre drum forming equipment.


From initial consultation to final implementation, we stand by our customers every step of the way, ensuring your production is both efficient and future-proof.


Connect with us and discover how Grotnes can elevate your manufacturing process today!

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