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Grotnes Tank Head Joggler Boosts Capabilities in Tank Manufacturing

Updated: Mar 1

Grotnes, a leader in the field of metal-forming solutions, is proud to showcase our Tank Head Joggler for the production of tanks used in waste, propane, storage and other industries.


The Grotnes 002-36 Tank Head Joggler uses a system of inside dies that expand to secure the tank head, complemented by outside rolls that craft the joggle and lead-in as the head rotates. This rotation method, centered around the inside dies, guarantees diameters and joggles of unwavering consistency — every single time.

Dual-Roll Flexibility

Grotnes Tank Head Joggler

Distinctive in its approach, the Grotnes Tank Joggler employs two rolls — one exclusively for the joggle, the other for the lead-in. This dual-roll system adapts various profiles, offering versatility to users.

Integrated Loader/Unloader

Each Grotnes Joggler has the option to come with an advanced loader/unloader, including two vacuum lift stations that help streamline the transfer process. As one tank is delicately picked up from the entry station, the completed head at the forming station is simultaneously lifted, allowing a smooth shuttle of materials. This ballet of movement ensures that while one tank head begins its transformation, the finished product is sent to the exit station.

The Forming Cycle: A Progression of Precision

The forming cycle of our Tank Joggler is a sequence designed for efficiency:


  1. Each part is gently transferred onto the inside expanding dies — customized for each part diameter.

  2. The part is held securely held as the vacuum transfer releases and retreats, triggering the forming cycle.

  3. The dies expand, gripping the part firmly to maintain the precise diameter.

  4. With the part secured, the tooling rotates, setting the stage for the formation of the profile.

  5. As the tooling spins, two hydraulic-driven forming rolls press into the metal, sculpting the required profile.

  6. Proximity switches ensure each roll attains the designated final position,

  7. The rolls maintain their position for a complete rotation before retracting, allowing for a flawless form.

  8. The rotation slows and halts, and the dies release their hold, readying the part for removal.

  9. The transfer mechanism re-engages, presenting the transformed part to the exit conveyor.


Cycle times average 15 to 20 seconds, not including load/unload. Cycle times will vary with different diameter parts.

Adaptable Tooling for a Range of Specifications

The Joggler’s tooling can be tailored for an array of diameters, profiles and varying wall thicknesses. Changeover for different parts can be completed in less than 5 minutes, once machine settings have been input for a particular part.  

Hydraulic Precision and User-Friendly Interface

The forming rolls are powered by robust hydraulic cylinders that execute full strokes for precise shaping. Adjustments for different model parts are made using a handwheel connected to an acme screw, complete with a digital readout to aid the setup operator during changeovers.

Grotnes 002-36 Tank Head Joggler Specifications (Other Sizes/Specifications Can Be Quoted Upon Request)

Grotnes Tank Head Joggler

Maximum diameter bottom: 36”

Minimum diameter bottom: 12”

Maximum wall: .200”

Overall Cycle (less loading/unloading): 10 seconds

Floor space machine: 5’ x 7’

Machine weight: 14,000 lbs.

Main Drive: 20 HP

Hydraulic Unit: 20 HP x 22 GPM

Hydraulic Unit floor space: 3-1/2’ x 3’Controls: PLC

Lubrication System: Manual Centralized

Roll Form Cylinders: Two 6” Bore x ¾” Stroke

Inside Die Expansion Cylinders: Two 4” Bore x 3” Stroke

Custom Metal-Forming Solutions from Grotnes

At Grotnes, we’re both machine builders and your partner in the manufacturing process. Our expert team is committed to tailoring the most appropriate metal-forming solutions to meet your industrial needs. Whether your project requires precision forming, adaptable tooling or custom components, Grotnes is your ally in achieving operational excellence.


Experience the Grotnes difference — where each machine is a masterstroke of precision engineering designed to elevate your production capabilities.


Connect with Grotnes today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of metal-forming solutions!

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