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Simplifying Tank Manufacturing with Grotnes’ Beader/Expander Cell

In the industry of power distribution, efficiency and precision in manufacturing are key considerations when choosing the correct equipment. Grotnes’ innovative Beader/Expander Cell, comprising the 705 Bead Former and the 303 Horizontal Tank End Expander, is a cutting-edge solution for forming transformer tanks. This blog post will explore the features of these systems and how they benefit manufacturers across the industry.

The 705 Bead Former: Precision in Sealing


• A hydraulic machine that roll forms a bead, to locate the tank cover, into cylindrical tanks.

• Controls the form time via a timer and adjusts for different diameters and lengths.


• Ensures a secure seal for tank covers.

• Flexible and efficient, adaptable to various tank sizes.

The 303 Horizontal Tank Expander: Broadening Capabilities Features

• Hydraulically expands one end of a cylindrical shell to ensure precise roundness.

• Pyramid-shaped tooling accommodates multiple sizes.

• Compact design with heavy-duty construction.

• Accommodates various transport systems, including a hydraulic lift table for size adjustments.


• Precise and rigid expansion of tank ends.

• Versatile and space-efficient, reducing cycle times and manual effort.

Transfer System: Streamlining Operations


• Includes load/unload chutes and a tank shuttle.

• Designed for efficient transfer of tanks through the production line.


• Facilitates smooth and quick transfer of tanks between stations.

• Adaptable to a wide range of tank sizes.

Simplified Operational Sequence

The operational process of the Grotnes Beader/Expander system is streamlined for concurrent operations, enhancing productivity. Here’s a simplified overview:

  1. Loading: Tanks can be manually or automatically loaded onto the beader station.

  2. Beading: Tanks are lifted, aligned and beaded.

  3. Transferring to Expander: Beaded tanks are moved to the expander station.

  4. Expanding: Tanks are aligned and expanded at one or both ends, depending on the setup.

  5. Unloading: Expanded tanks are lowered and moved to the unloading station.

  6. Offloading: Tanks can be manually or automatically offloaded for further processing.

Efficient Changeover Process

Changeover times for the Beader/Expander Cell vary depending on the part characteristics, but the design of the systems allows for quick adjustments. With the same bead roll profile, changeover can take less than 5 minutes. Even for more complex setups requiring tool changes, the estimated time is around 30 minutes. This rapid changeover is facilitated by pre-staged tools and easy access to the machine.

How Grotnes Can Help

Grotnes’ Beader/Expander Cell is a breakthrough for tank forming in the power distribution industry, offering unmatched precision, adaptability and efficiency. Our system not only elevates product quality but also significantly boosts tank production capacity, making it a valuable tool in the competitive industrial manufacturing landscape.

From analyzing your production needs to customizing the system for optimal results, our experienced staff is here to provide comprehensive support. When you choose Grotnes, you’re gaining both a machine and partnership with a leader in the field, dedicated to enhancing your production capabilities and driving your business forward.

Connect with Grotnes today to see if one of our existing solutions fits your needs or let us

develop a manufacturing solution for your specific application!


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