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Spinning technology is a cost effective way to form the ends and middle of a tube. Standalone or Fully Automatic cells are available for Concentric, Eccentric and Oblique spin-forming processes.

The Grotnes spinforming has focused primarily on tube forming.  Our method eliminates the need for welded end cone transitions and associated assembly costs for manufacturing tube assemblies.  Savings from reduced inventory, reduced assembly of component parts, reduced tooling, reduced welding equipment and welding consumables can be realized.

Concentric Spinning

Our concentric spinforming machines form a reduced end profile that is concentrically aligned with the tube's center axis.  Some of this equipment features our patented "Dynamic Length Control Technology" and some of the most robust equipment in the industry with active tailstocks available.

EST - OST Spinning

The Eccentric Spinning Technology (EST) and Oblique Spinning Technology (OST) spinning process forms a reduced end profile that is eccentric to or at an oblique angle to the tube's central axis without rotating the part.  Using advanced mechanical design and machine control techniques, the possibility of spinforming complex transition angles can be realized with a simple CNC program change.  The EST-OST spinning machines can also be equipped with an automatic trimming of the shell ends.

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