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Grotnes, Inc. has over 100 years of experience in developing machines, processes, and innovations for diverse metalfoming industries.  Our process development focuses on minimizing scrap and making the most efficient forming process possible.  We draw on that experience, to come up with innovative solutions for our customers, every day.

Products Created in Formitt Metal Labs

Formitt Metal Labs specializes in spinforming fabrication of customer defined hollow tube shapes and assemblies.  Spinforming technology eliminates the need for welded tube end-pieces, thereby enhancing the overall component quality and reliability.

Formitt Metal Labs also offers a variety of development and production services for the assembly of automotive, commercial vehicle, off-road and marine exhaust components.  We are the only spinning machine manufacturer in North America with the ability to fully develop a process on site.  The use of that equipment every day gives us the best insight for your long-term production needs.  We can make the components for you or grow you into a machine of your own, making that transition seamless.

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