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Grotnes Designs 702 Shell Nester for the Knock Down Drum Industry

In the heart of the industrial packaging sector, knock down drums are major part of the steel drum industry for storage and transportation solutions. These drums are designed to be disassembled, with their components — shell, top and bottom — laid flat for efficient shipping and storage. When the drums are needed for use, they’re de-nested or reassembled into their cylindrical shape.

Grotnes has crafted the 702 Shell Nester to service this specific industry, making the process of nesting and de-nesting these steel drum shells as smooth as possible.

A Meeting of Precision and Durability

The Grotnes 702 Shell Nester stands as a testament to durability and precision engineering. Designed to accommodate steel drum shells of 0.6mm to 1.2mm in thickness, this machine manages the nesting process through a series of components:

  1. A power-driven conveyor that smoothly transitions the shells into the machine.

  2. A downender equipped with clamp-style vacuum cups that securely hold the shell during the orientation change.

  3. A shuttle that transports shells from station to station with precision.

  4. A “D” shape forming station that molds the shells into a stackable profile.

  5. A nesting station where the shells are nested into one another for efficient stacking.

  6. An unloading station, where the nested shells are placed into programmable positions for retrieval.

  7. An exit conveyor for the effortless transition of nested shells out of the machine.

  8. An operator interface that is the command center for programming the positions of each nested shell, ensuring a custom fit for varying specifications.

Navigating the Nesting Journey

From the moment the shell ascends vertically to the downender via the powered entry conveyor, to the moment it’s horizontally clamped and shuttled through the D-shaped forming station, the 702 Shell Nester assures consistency and quality.

Intuitive programming allows for seamless coordination between stations, all under the supervision of the operator interface. Each shell is manipulated and nested, building up a stack until the desired count is reached, triggering the unloader to initiate the cycle for stack retrieval.

The unloader moves only when the nesting station’s cycle is complete, making certain each shell is ready for the next phase. In handling the nested shells, the unloader lifts and transports with an assembly designed to avoid compromising the stack’s integrity.

Grotnes’ Consultative Approach

The 702 Shell Nester is a pathway to heightened productivity. It dramatically reduces labor costs and physical strain on workers compared to manual methods while producing consistent, high-quality nested shells for businesses manufacturing drums or managing large-scale logistics. 

With a comprehensive suite of metal-forming solutions, Grotnes is prepared to guide customers through the selection process with an in-depth consultation. Our staff understand each operation has distinct needs and stand ready to tailor Grotnes technology to fit the exact specifications required by our customers.

Step into the future of drum nesting and more with Grotnes, where every challenge is met with a modern solution.

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