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Grotnes' Machine Shop Welcomes New Customers

Updated: May 24

At Grotnes, we understand the critical role precision machining plays in modern manufacturing. As a leader in the industry, we offer comprehensive in-house capabilities, designed to meet clients’ and our own needs.

The path to establishing our state-of-the-art machine shop was driven by necessity and innovation, particularly highlighted during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, including routine supply chain disruptions and material shortages.

Confronted with these problems, we took a strategic step to limits risks associated with delayed material deliveries by reviving and expanding our in-house machining capabilities. This move strengthened our control over production timelines and set the stage for us to extend our machining expertise to other businesses in need with contract machining and outsourcing services.

Comprehensive Machining Services

Grotnes is now poised to support a wide range of industries by offering tailored machining services. By leveraging our advanced machining facilities, we ensure quality, precision, competitive pricing and timely delivery for external orders.

Grotnes Machine Shop Equipment List

Grotnes Machine Shop Equipment List
Sodick ALN800G Wire Burner

A Look Inside Our Machining and Inspection Processes

1.     Order & Material Review: The process begins when the S&R clerk receives a production order from the procurement team. This involves a thorough review of the order to confirm material availability, either through incoming shipments or our inventory.

2.     Material Preparation: If the material isn’t already prepped, it’s cut to specified dimensions using the appropriate equipment. The completion of this stage is recorded in our system, noting the run time and quantity processed.

3.     Machining: The material is then moved to the machining area where operators adjust settings parameters to align with the production requirements. Each part is machined to exact specifications, with operators verifying dimensions against the production order.

4.     Quality Check & Revisions: After machining, the parts may undergo additional routed steps or move directly to quality inspecton where they’re carefully examined for compliance with specifications. Any discrepancies lead to adjustments or rework as necessary.

5.     Final Steps: Once a part passes all inspections, it’s etched with the part number and revision level for easy identification, then moved to the finished part location ready for delivery or further assembly.

Special Considerations for External Contracts

For parts produced under external contracts, Grotnes implements an additional layer of inspection to ensure absolute adherence to customer specifications. This process includes detailed measurements reports and, if required, techniques such as applying a coordinate-measuring machine to validate all dimensions and tolerances.

Your Partner in Precision Machining

Grotnes stands ready to assist with virtually any machining need, supporting a diverse range of products across various industries. Whether you require complex parts, high-volume production or custom machining, Grotnes is your go-to partner for excellence in metal-forming solutions.

Reach out to us today with your machining challenges and discover how Grotnes can assist in driving your success!

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