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Propelling Aerospace Component Production with Grotnes Expanders and Roll Formers

At Grotnes, we understand the creation of aerospace components demands unparalleled precision, durability and outside-the-box innovation. 


Our expanders and roll formers are pivotal in manipulating superalloys that form the heart of a jet engine — materials that are renowned for their strength and resistance to extreme conditions. For manufacturers and producers in the aerospace sector, our equipment represents a fusion of advanced technology and decades of engineering expertise.

Whether you’re crafting critical structural elements or intricate engine components, read on to discover how Grotnes can meet your operational demands and elevate your manufacturing capabilities with our suite of custom-made machinery.

Application of Precision in Aerospace

Tackling the aerospace industry’s most challenging shapes, from cylindrical and tubular forms requiring tight tolerance to conical shapes that demand expert knowledge of tooling, Grotnes stands as a pillar of proficiency. With more than 120 years of experience, we’ve become one of the premier manufacturers of expanders and roll formers for well-known industry leaders, renowned for meeting the stringent tolerances required in aerospace and defense.

Our legacy includes fostering strong relationships with our customers, offering them tailored solutions to metal forming that satisfy operational requirements. We take pride in our ability to provide a knowledge center that aids in determining the deformation capabilities of various materials, ensuring each part is formed with maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

Crafting the Core of Flight: Grotnes Expanders

The aerospace sector regularly encounters the challenge of shaping superalloys like titanium, Inconel and Hastelloy into highly stressed jet engine parts. Grotnes rises to the occasion with our robust expanders, which are instrumental in shaping components such as nozzles, plugs, exhaust cones and combustion liners.


Our expanders have been designed with the formation of combustion chambers for jet engines in mind, deftly shaping cylindrical blanks into the required forms. Furthermore, we recognize the necessity of heat in forming superalloys; our hot expanders are engineered to form parts at temperatures exceeding 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit, with heated dies and water-cooled jaws, ensuring optimal shaping conditions.

Expander Features for Aerospace Excellence

Grotnes expanders boast an impressive array of features:


  • A diverse selection of sizes and configurations to accommodate various aerospace needs

  • Precise position control systems for meticulous forming

  • Gauge Mode for accurate measurement during the forming process

  • A user-friendly touch screen interface for ease of operation

  • An automatic lubrication system to ensure the longevity and reliability of the equipment

  • Options for collapsible outer dies and heated dies with water-cooled jaws for specialized applications

Shaping the Future of Aerospace: Grotnes Roll Formers

When it comes to forming turbine rings and intricate profiles, Grotnes’ roll formers set the benchmark. Our circular roll formers are specially designed for applications where fine detail and surface quality cannot be compromised, shaping complex profiles with accuracy and consistency.

Roll formers adeptly shape aerospace parts from tubing, pipe or coiled and welded blanks into cylinders or rings. Once formed, these components can be refined using a Grotnes expander or shrinker to achieve precise diameters and roundness.

Roll Former Benefits and Features

  • Ideal for both long and short production runs, thanks to their precise and consistent operation

  • Easily accessible tooling allows for quick changes, minimizing downtime

  • The flexibility of the single-end design accommodates a broad spectrum of material thicknesses, widths and diameters

  • Capable of forming multiple diameters with the same tooling, without sacrificing profile integrity

Our 10-200 Roll Former, for instance, features 10-ton capacity and differential drives to equalize the circumferential speed for optimal forming. It also includes adjustable side guides to maintain the position of the ring.


The 400 Roll Former, with bending rolls, doubles as a coiler, accommodating various size parts and offering coiling capabilities with its adjustable side guides.

Choosing Grotnes: Your Partner in Aerospace Manufacturing

At Grotnes, we’re committed to assisting our customers in selecting the ideal expander or roll former for their specific needs in jet engine component production. Our team is equipped to guide you through our range of machines, ensuring you find the perfect match for your production requirements. With Grotnes, you not only get a new machine but you gain a partner dedicated to advancing your manufacturing capabilities to new heights.


Connect with Grotnes today and propel your aerospace operation to the forefront of innovation!

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