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Tailored to Your Industry: Grotnes Expanders Meet the Challenges of Aerospace, Defense, Energy & More

Dual Expanders are installed at a Grotnes customer's facility.
Dual Expanders are installed at a Grotnes customer's facility.

In the realm of precision metal forming, few technologies can match the capabilities of Grotnes Expanders. From the aerospace and defense sectors to renewable energy and offshore petroleum exploration, our machines have become the cornerstone of operations that demand superior precision and efficiency.

Reshaping Precision: The Grotnes Expander

At the core of the Grotnes lineup lies our extensive range of Expanders, designed to transform blanks — whether tubing, pipe or coiled and welded sheet metal — into tapered and conical shapes with pinpoint accuracy. The roll forming process is just the beginning, as it’s the calibration on a Grotnes Expander that refines the internal diameter to meet tight tolerances. This process is particularly vital in the aerospace industry, where the slightest deviation can mean the difference between success and catastrophic failure.

A Wide Spectrum of Applications

Grotnes Forging Expander
Forging Expander

Precision is the expectation in the high-stakes industries our Expanders support. Conical shapes, with their need for specialized tooling and forming expertise, are a challenge Grontes machines meet daily. Whether it’s a wind turbine’s intricate components, a jet engine’s combustion chamber or the superalloys used in the searing conditions of rocket exhaust systems, Grotnes Expanders are up to the task.

Unmatched Benefits

An early version of the Grotnes Expander
An early version of the Grotnes Expander

Dating back to its initial design in 1898 and subsequent refinement over 125 years, the Grotnes Expander sets the standard for metal forming. The cycle time outpaces other forming techniques, saving precious production time. With the ability to handle a vast array of materials — from steel and aluminum to nickel-based aerospace alloys and titanium — Grotnes Expanders are as versatile as they are efficient.

Features at a Glance

800T, 1600T & 2400T Expanders
800T, 1600T & 2400T Expanders
  • A variety of sizes and configurations to suit every need

  • Precise position control systems for unmatched accuracy

  • Gauge mode for verification of expansion

  • User-friendly touchscreen interface for ease of operation

  • Automatic lubrication system to maintain peak performance

  • Optional collapsible outer dies and heated dies with water-cooled jets

  • Efficient automatic loading and unloading to streamline the process

Tailored to Your Needs

Small Push-Type Expander
Small Push-Type Expander

No two tasks are the same, and Grotnes understands this. That’s why our range of Expanders are designed to be adaptable:

  • Tonnage capacity ranging from less than 2 tons to more than 4,000 tons

  • Diameters from 25mm to more than 8 meters

  • Heights from 6mm to more than 5 meters

  • Wall thickness from 1.5mm to more than 305mm

  • Capabilities for both hot- and cold-forming processes

How Grotnes Can Help

Grotnes is centered on mechanized solutions. With a deep knowledge center of materials, software to predict material deformation and the capacity to create intricate profiles in various metals, we’re equipped to carve your manufacturing path forward with our line of Expanders. Our technology drastically reduces waste and machining time, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for our customers.

If you’re on the hunt for a technology partner that brings precision, efficiency and more than a century of expertise to the table, Grotnes is your answer. Connect with us today to discuss how we can tailor our technology to fit your operational needs.

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