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Unwrapping Innovation: Inside the Grotnes Fibre Drum Winder

In the dynamic world of industrial packaging, the demand for reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions is met daily by the Grotnes fibre drum winder on our customers' production floor.

The Grotnes 500 Series Fibre Drum Winder is an advanced machine designed to create fibre tubes by winding kraft liner board around a mandrel; this process involves applying glue to interleaving layers of the tube.

These sturdy, lightweight drums are ideal storing and transporting a wide range of products, from chemicals and food ingredients to sand, powders, pharmaceuticals and more. Recognizing the drums’ diverse applications and growing interest from manufacturers, Grotnes has engineered a state-of-the-art fibre drum winder, a gamer-changer used in commercial packaging operations worldwide.

Read on to dive deeper into the workings of the winder and discover how this innovative machine is setting new standards in packaging — an indispensable asset for a wide range of industries.

How Our Fibre Drum Winder Works

The operation sequence starts with the mandrel expanding and vacuum system activating. The kraft paper is fed to the mandrel, triggering the winding process. Post winding, the mandrel collapses, ejecting the completed tube for the process to repeat. Typically, changeover time for the mandrel is about 15 minutes for two people and for the kraft roll, about 10 minutes for one person.

Grotnes 500 Series Fibre Drum Winder Components

The typical widths of our fibre drum winders are 48”, 56”, 68” and 86”, however, custom widths can be accommodated. Each machine features various components, including:

Roll Payoff Stand and Dancer Rolls: The master roll of kraft paper is unrolled from the payoff stand which, in conjuction with the dance rolls, regulates the tension of the kraft roll, crucial for consistent quality.

Curl Bar: Removes the coil set from the kraft paper, ensuring a flat path through the winder.

Feed Rolls and Cutter: Feed the kraft paper to the mandrel and cut it to the desired length.

Glue Applicator: Featuring a glue pan and rolls, this system applies glue inside each ply after the first wrap, essential for bonding the layers. The glue applicator includes a glue pan, lower (doctor) roll and an upper (applicator) roll. The doctor roll transfers glue to the applicator roll, which then applies it to the kraft paper under pressure from two rider rolls forming an adjustable arc. The mechanism applies glue to every ply except the first, where a guard prevents application during threading. The glue pan includes level control for glue regulation. Add-on options include bulk storage, auto-fill systems and a removable glue system for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Mandrel Drive Stand and Rider Roll: These components exert pressure on the tube during winding, aiding in the adhesion of kraft and glue.

Vacuum System: Holds the kraft onto the mandrel during the initial wrap, ensuring stability at the start of the winding process.


The machine’s mandrel is adjustable (+/- 5mm) and segmented, allowing for changes in the number of plies while maintaining a true diameter.

Control systems can be either Allen-Bradley or Siemens, with an HMI that allows operators to select from preset recipes and also set various parameters such as number of plies, glue line, speed and more.

How Grotnes Can Help

At Grotnes, we understand each manufacturer has unique requirements and challenges. That’s why our team is devoted to working closely with customers to identify the most suitable machinery and configuration for their specific fibre drum production needs.

From initial consultation to after-sales support, Grotnes is committed to guiding and assisting businesses every step of the way, offering a full range of fibre drum manufacturing equipment, including manual and fully automatic machines and ancilliary components.

Connect with our team today and take your first step toward automated efficiency!

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