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Grotnes Servo Vertical Drum Seamer Achieves Seamless Results

Updated: Apr 17

Grotnes Servo Vertical Seamless Drum Seamer

Grotnes introduces our Servo Vertical Drum Seamer, model 930V. This robust piece of engineering is designed to tackle a variety of drum sizes and configurations, all while providing a versatile and precise seaming experience.

At the heart of the Servo Vertical Drum Seamer is a durable construction that ensures longevity and reliability. This equipment is streamlined for efficiency with an operator guiding the loading and unloading process; automated loading options are also available.

Central to the seaming operation is the chuck. The pivotal component rotates the drum and cover, driven by a VFD gear motor complete with a brake system that pauses the action between cycles. The design of the chuck ring enables rapid replacement and removal that’s completely free of the cumbersome bolt-removal process.

Seaming Process and Technological Integration

The seam itself is crafted through a multi-step process. A pneumatically powered upper clamp exerts the right amount of force, ensuring the drum meets the form rollers. This is complemented by an adjustable upper platen that’s manually calibrated to align with the drum’s height, ensuring an exact seam each time.

The seaming roll holders — each powered by a precise servo-controlled electromechanical cylinder — work independently; this allows for flexibility in programming the seaming process. The design also allows for the swapping of seaming roll holders, making changeovers swift and seamless without sacrificing compatibility with existing rolls.

The seamer’s specialized oil-based spray system ensures the seaming rolls are consistently lubricated for optimal performance.

HMI Control System

The Beijer HMI orchestrates the servo-driven seaming rolls, lubrication, VFD settings and compound applicator settings through tailored recipes. The adjustable upper clamp mount enhances the Seamer’s adaptability, accommodating an extensive range of drum length to facilitate rapid changeovers. The manual adjustment of the cylinder mount, which secures in place, is another feature that allows the Seamer to handle an entire spectrum of drum lengths.

Easy Operation of Servo Vertical Drum Seamer

The operator’s role is central yet straightforward, managing the loading, unloading and rotation of drums to create seamless seams on both ends.

  1. The cover (bottom or top lid) and drum are placed onto the lower tooling.

  2. The seaming cycle is initiated, with the seamer clamping and forming the seam.

  3. Once the seam is complete, the drum is removed, a new cover is placed, and the drum is reinserted for second seam.

Streamlined Changeovers

Grotnes has engineered the Seamer for quick adaptability:

  • Material thickness changes are completed in approximately 3 minutes.

  • Drum diameter alterations, thanks to the innovative chuck ring design, are also a 3-minute task.

  • Drum length adjustments are divided into ranges, with no changeover needed within a range and only a 5-minute transition between ranges.

Guiding Customers to Precision Metal Forming Solutions

At Grotnes, our commitment to customer service extends beyond providing state-of-the-art metal forming solutions. We stand as partners in precision, guiding our customers to the appropriate machinery tailored to their needs.

When precision is non-negotiable and efficiency is a must, Grotnes’ Servo Vertical Drum Seamer emerges as the solution of choice for industries looking to push the boundaries of metal forming excellence.

Connect with us today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of machinery.

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